Maria Azzarone-
Alaska visits Sun Surf Vet Hosp. 3x/week and everybody is so great to her! Dr. Sam has been her vet since she was a kitten 20 years ago! Excellent Veterinarian care and wonderful animal hospital staff! Thanks to everybody there!

Sarah Olson-Andrews-
Gatlin had his ears cropped the end of January, Sun Surf Vet is fantastic….I drive my Gat Gat there once a week (3 hrs one way) Jeanette, MaryLou, Kelli, Brendon and Brandon are absolutely great. I would recommend then to anyone.

Nancy Hofmann-
Great staff, wonderful care. Always make me feel like my pet is special.

Donna Sagor-
Took little rescue Yoda. The terrier mix. Great care and advice. Loving attitudes from front desk and the Vet.

Veronica Selby-
Super friendly staff & Vet…very impressed

Daniel Curtin-
Great care and empathy!