Veterinary House Calls Service - Sunset Beach, CASome clients find it difficult to bring all of their pets in at once and aren’t able to make multiple trips, while some pets just don’t do well outside of the home. A car ride with an anxious pet can be awful, and in turn, stress them even further by having to wait in the lobby. Whatever the reason, we are proud to offer house calls for our patients and their owners.

Animals can become extremely wound up at the vet’s office. There are a lot of new smells, and other pets and people to meet. Their adrenaline is usually high, so they may not act like their normal, well-behaved selves. Some pets even become very aggressive during their examinations due to stress.

For this reason, many pet owners take advantage of our house calls for their veterinary care. If you can’t get your pets in the car, no problem. If you think your pets will be more comfortable at home, we are happy to come to you!

To schedule a house call for your pet, contact us at (714) 840-1381 or (562) 592-1391.