Los Alamitos, CA MapIf you live in Sunset Beach,  Huntington Beach, or Los Alamitos, rest easy knowing that you have a Los Alamitos vet that is ready to serve all your pets’ needs from their younger days through their final resting. Dr. Shenouda at Sun Surf Veterinary Hospital has decades of experience helping pets, and is a firm believer that the cost of care should be in reach for all.

General Care

Sun Surf Veterinary Hospital offers vaccinations and puppy and kitten wellness plans to make sure your beloved pets gets off to the right start. We also offers spaying and neutering, complete physical exams, parasite prevention, and dentistry to keep your pets in good health through their prime years. When you want to keep your pets looking their best or need to get away for a bit, we offer bathing and boarding services. We will also insert a microchip in your pet, giving you the added peace of mind of being able to find a lost beloved family member. If your pet engages in destructive behaviors or has anxiety or other problems, we offer behavioral medicine treatment that combines the best approaches of the medical and psychological fields to help your pet.

Veterinary Care

Despite giving them our best care, sometimes animals get sick. We offer pain management for your pets, and have our own in-house laboratory to speed up testing so your pet gets the appropriate treatment. For more serious cases, we offer orthopedic services and hip surgeries, both of which can help prolong the quality of life for your older pets. We also do state of the art laser surgery procedures that help reduce bleeding and swelling. These surgeries get your pets back to their normal, happy selves much more quickly. Because we strive to provide any help your pet might need, we also offer ophthalmology services to care for your pets’ sight.

Care For Older Pets

Geriatric care is important to us, as pets need changes in their care as they age. Senior diets and diets targeted at you pets’ particular conditions can help them have a much higher quality of life. We offer pain management for pets throughout the stages of their lives, and teach pet owners to recognize pain so they can help their pets as they age and begin to suffer from the aches and pains of aging. When it is time to say goodbye to your beloved companion, we offer private and group cremations, along with a selection of urns if you wish to take your pet home with you.

Special Services

When you choose a Los Alamitos veterinarian, it is important that you pick one with a full range of veterinary services so that you and your pets get continuity of care in surroundings can both feel more comfortable in. Because of your busy schedule, we offer drop off services so you can continue your day knowing your pet is getting the best of care.

If your pet gets anxious in the car or office, or you are unable to travel, we proudly offer house calls to relieve the stress on everyone. Because we believe all pets deserve a great veterinarian, we can also take good care of your exotic pets, treating animals such as birds, reptiles, and pocket pets.