Bird Care Tips - Sun Surf Veterinary Hospital - Sunset Beach, CA 90742Birds can be a lot of fun, and make great pets. Proper care is very important when owning a bird as a pet and there are lots of things to consider like diet, exercise, and their entertainment needs. Making sure you are prepared for the responsibility of these amazing creatures is key to a long, healthy life.

A balanced diet is one key to ensuring that you have a healthy bird. Some birds require a strict diet, while others can eat a generalized diet. However, no bird should be given chocolate, alcohol, or avocados; these are toxic to your bird and can cause serious problems. Knowing the dietary requirements is one of the first steps to responsible ownership. Fruits and vegetables can be good for your bird too. A variety of foods and lots of fresh water will keep your feathered friend happy!

Cage placement is critical too. You need to monitor the temperature, smells, and noises around your bird so that he or she is happy. Certain cleaning products are very dangerous to birds and need to be taken into consideration when choosing a location for their cage. Each bird has unique needs, and you will need to know what those are.

Birds need veterinary care too. Routine examinations will ensure that your bird is in tip top shape. We will monitor his or her weight and answer any questions that you have.

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