Tips To Prevent Arthritis in Dogs - Sunset Beach, CAPainful inflammation or stiffness of joints, also known as arthritis is quite common in dogs. As they age, you may notice they have increased difficulty getting up and moving around. Arthritis can keep pets from enjoying life, but together, we can help them stay comfortable.

There are several options for relief when your dog has arthritis. A single medication may help while some pets might take several pills a day. One of the first ways that you can help your arthritic dog to be comfortable is to get them to their ideal weight. The less weight that your dog carries around, the easier it will be on his or her joints!

Most arthritic patients begin on a glucosamine supplement. These are very safe and effective, though it takes a few weeks to see any results.

There are also foods with added glucosamine that can offer relief. Some pets are so painful that they require NSAIDs and pain medication so that they can move around easier. Together, we will come up with the best course of action to get your companion feeling better faster!

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